Towednack Parish Council Annual Meeting

May 18 @ 7:00 pm
Cledry Meadow (Outdoor meeting due to Coronavirus restrictions)

The legislation which enabled the Parish Council to meet remotely expires on the 6th May 2021 and it has not been renewed.  As of this date, Parish Council meetings must now be held in a physical location in order to be lawful.

Having reviewed the Government’s COVID-19 roadmap, the Council agreed at their meeting on the 27th April 2021 that they would not return to indoor, face to face meetings during May.  However, following elections on the 6th May 2021, the Council is required by law to hold its Annual Meeting within 14 days of the new Councillors taking office.   As such, we are taking the slightly unusual step of holding our Annual Meeting outside in Cledry Meadow in order to elect our new Chair and conduct any other essential business that requires an in person decision before the end of June 2021.  The agenda for this meeting will be published in due course on the the Minutes & Agendas page of this website.

We will keep our forward meeting programme under review.  Currently, it is expected that we will return to meeting as normal in June 2021 but a decision on this will be taken on this at a later date and in line with current guidelines.

In the meantime, Towednack Parish Council will be conducting routine business according to our Business Continuity Plan.

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